Our Parish Ministries

We welcome you to learn about and consider joining some of our parish ministries. There are many great ways to get involved!

Parish Council

The Parish Council is composed of faithful men and women who are dedicated Orthodox Christians and who sacrifice their time, talents, and resources for the Church. We represent the parish as clergy and laity together, and seek to fulfill the mission ascribed to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Parish Council members strive to be examples of Christian living and servitude in their community, and to those who visit our parish family.

Altar Servers

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, altar servers assist the clergy during services. They might carry the cross, candles or liturgical fans in processions and entrances. The altar servers represent the angels of God, which ceaselessly circle the altar of God in heaven (cf. Isaiah 6).

AM Studies in the Faith

We meet Tuesday mornings for coffee, studying the Holy Scriptures, and discussing the Orthodox Faith, and how it applies to our lives. (see our calendar for exact dates and times).

Sunday Church School 

The Church School program fosters spiritual learning through age-appropriate lessons, which may include an introduction to church feasts, fasts and liturgical practices, prayers, Bible stories, crafts and projects, and liturgical songs. When visiting our parish on Sunday, be sure to invite your little one to come to our fun and educational class time following Holy Communion!

Parish Bookstore

The Parish Bookstore offers many selections of religious books and items such as Orthodox Study Bibles, Holy Week and Pascha Books, censors, incense, prayer ropes, crosses & much more. You can stop by a view all the items at Sunday Church Services or by making an appointment by contacting the parish office.

Music Ministries

Music plays an integral role in the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church. Learn more about the mixed voice choir for Divine Liturgy or the Byzantine Chanters for other services. To inquire about how to join the choir or chanters, or to get more information, contact the parish office.

Youth Ministry

We believe that the Goal of Orthodox Christian Youth Ministry is the integration of each young person fully into the total life of the Church. We believe that Orthodox Christians must commit themselves to living the Orthodox Faith daily. Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship are the natural expressions of that commitment.

The following are Youth Ministries our parish offers. For more information on them, please contact the parish office:

  • GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association): Meetings and social outings for middle and high school age.
  • GOYA Basketball: Boys and Girls engage in friendly, Christ-centered competition.
  • Greek Dance Program: Join our thriving cultural dance groups! Our children bond in friendship and Christian love through traditional Greek dance and song! This program is a high-light of our St. Johns parish family.
  • Young Adults (YAL): For young adults ages post-high school and up, we meet regularly to discuss the spiritual life, digging deeper in our faith in a complex world, and having fun too!

Greek School

Our parish hosts classes in the Modern Greek Language for both children and adults! Planning on travelling to Greece? Or perhaps wanting access to the multitude of cultural treasures found in the Greek Language? Contact the parish office and inquire how to sign up!


The Ladies Philoptochos Society is a nationally, regionally and locally organized body of dedicated women (and men) who strive to embody the Orthodox Christian tenants of promoting 1) service to the needy, 2) charitable and educational institutions and services, 3) the preservation and perpetuation of the Greek Orthodox Christian faith, and the Orthodox Christian Family, and 4) participation in the life, activities and ministries of the Greek Orthodox Community.

For details on events, mission, and more, click this link to go the Philoptochos Page of our Website.

Golden Stars

Golden Stars is a ministry for our Senior Citizens, run and organized by our Ladies Philoptochos. Typically, we meet on the first Tuesday of the month for a meal, fellowship, and either an education lecture, video, or other interactive entertainment. We honor our founders and those who have paved the way for our youth! (See calendar for exact meeting dates).